Research Students

PhD Students

      • Robert Giterman (Graduated Nov. 2018)
        Thesis: " Application-Oriented Alternative Embedded Memories"
      • (Co-supervisor with Prof. A. Fish)
      • Andrea Bonetti (Graduated Dec. 2018)
      • Thesis: "Low-Power Design of Digital VLSI Circuits around the Point of First Failure"
      • (Co-advisor with Prof. A. Burg)
      • Reza Ghanaatian
      • Christoph Mueller
In early stages of PhD Studies 
      • Roman Golman (exp. graduation 2023)
      • Or Maltabashi (exp. graduation 2023)
      • Yehuda Kra
      • Asaf Avnon
      • Odem Harel
      • Esteban Garzon

MSc Students

      • Yehuda Kra (Graduated Nov 2021)
        Thesis: "Novel Edge-AI Embedded System-on-Chip, Physical Design Aware Hardware Acceleration Architecture"
      • Odem Harel (Graduated June 2021)
        Thesis: "Design of Novel Gain Cell Embedded DRAM Architectures Varying Operating Conditions"
      • Or Maltabashi (Graduated Jan 2019)
        Thesis: "Automatic Guided Physical Implementation of Common Digital Structures"
      • Roman Golman (Graduated Jan 2019)
        Thesis: "Expanding the Usage of GC-eDRAM"
      • Amir Shalom (Graduated May 2019)
        Thesis: "GC-eDRAM in Deeply Scaled Technologies"
      • Tzachi Noy (Graduated November 2019)
        Thesis: "GCe-DRAM based FIFOs"
      • Daniel Vana (Graduated July 2019)
        Thesis: "C2TIG: Dynamic C2MOS Design Approaches for TIGFET-Based Datapaths"
        (Co-supervisor with Prof. Y. Shaham, Prof. A. Fish)
In advanced stages of thesis
      • Shani Cohen-Zemach, MSc student
In early stages of MSc Studies
      • Tomer Cohen, MSc student
      • Hanan Marinberg, MSc student
      • Yossi Grinblatt, MSc student
      • Aharon Sfez
      • Einat Levy
      • Hisham Nijem
MSc students mentored under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Fish
      • Janna Mezhibovsky, (Graduated Jan. 2012)
        Thesis: "Dynamic Analysis of Low Voltage SRAM Arrays"
      • Hadar Dagan, (Graduated Jan. 2013)
        Thesis: "Low Power Non-Volatile Memory for Low-Cost RFID"
      • Robert Giterman, (Graduated Sep. 2014)
        Thesis: "Retention Time in Low Power Embedded DRAM Arrays"
      • Lior Atias, (Graduated Sep. 2014)
        Thesis: "Robust, Low-Power SRAM for Space Applications"