Prof. Adam Teman

adipassportpic2016_lowresWelcome to the homepage of Prof. Adam Teman

I am an Associate Professor at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel and a co-Director of the Emerging Nanoscaled Circuits and Systems (EnICS) Labs at BIU. I currently also head the NanoElectronics Track in the Department of Electrical Engineering and have recently initiated a new study program for "Hardware and Chip Design Engineering" in the Department of Computer Engineering and the "IC Academy at BIU" - a post-degree program for upskilling in hardware fields. I am a big proponent of open-access learning materials for hardware engineers, and many of my lectures and lecture materials can be found through the Teaching page of this website and on my YouTube channel.

My research interests focus on VLSI and Chip Design, spanning the circuit-design level and up to the architectural and system implementation levels. I have been developing specialized memories, since 2008, including low-voltage SRAM, gain-cell embedded DRAM (GC-eDRAM), radiation-hardened memories, and standard cell memories. I have been leading the  EnICS Labs development of the PulpEnIX Platform and HAMSA-DI RISC-V core - an open platform for Israeli SoC and core design, which were the flagship programs of the national GenPro Consortium. In addition, I am interested in methodologies for efficient physical implementation methodologies, hardware for deep learning, cryogenic CMOS, and others. My research activities were acknowledged with the 2020 Krill Prize for outstanding young researchers and the 2020 BIU Rector's Prize for Scientific Innovation.

A copy of my updated CV can be found here.

I am looking for candidates for PhD and Post-Doc positions. Please contact me at