Hardware for Deep Learning

Hebrew Name: חומרה ללמידה עמוקה ובינה מלאכותית

Lecture Slides and Video Recordings

Complete Playlist on YouTube

  1. Introduction to Deep Learning (slides)
    1. Section 1a: From AI to DL (video)
    2. Section 1b: Training Neural Networks (video)
  2. Convolutional Neural Networks (slides)
    1. Section 2a: CNN Basics (video)
    2. Section 1b: Famous CNN Examples (video)
  3. Computing Convolutions (slides, video)
  4. Reducing Complexity (slides)
    1. Section 4a: Lightweight Models (video)
    2. Section 4b: Reducing Precision and Pruning (video)
  5. The DL Acceleration Landscape (slides)
    1. Section 5a: The Deep Learning Acceleration Landscape (video)
    2. Section 5b: The Deep Learning Software Stack (no video yet)
    3. Section 5c: Specialized Research ASICs (no video yet)