Journal Papers

Papers in refereed proceedings

Compendium of New Refereed Papers:

  • O. Keren, I. Levin and R. S. Stankovic, "Use of Gray Coding for Implementation of Symmetric Functions," VLSI-SoC: Advanced Topics on Systems on Chip, Series: Advances in Information and Communication Technology, Vol. 291, Ricardo Reis‏, Vincent Mooney‏, Paul Hasler‏ (Eds.) Springer, pp. 17-32, 2009
  • A. Burg, O. Keren, I. Levin, "Blind Testing of Polynomials by Linear Checks", Recent Progress in the Boolean Domain, Edited by Bernd Steinbach,  Cambridge Scholars Publishing , pp. 322-346, April 2014
  • H. Rabii, Y. Neumeier and O. Keren, "Low Complexity High Rate Robust Codes", Further Improvements in the Boolean Domain, Edited by Bernd Steinbach, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 303-313, 2017

Other publications

Thesis Publications

  • Doctoral thesis: "Algebraic coding for computer systems".
  • Master's thesis: "The capacity of TD-QAGC under minimum maximum and average power constraints".