Dr. Itamar Levi

My research activities combine architectural, logical, electrical and physical foundations of secure-hardware. Spanning from theoretical analysis and evaluation, to design, architectures and algorithms of cryptographic primitives. I work with hardware, embedded software-hardware systems and combinations of the above on many platforms. My overarching goal is to respond to today's and tomorrow's physical security challenges which, in many cases, require that we tackle, evaluate and attack existing security mechanisms as to identify practical and theoretical flaws. The target environments we face with edge-devices are constraining, low on resources and highly exposed to adversaries (e.g. IoT, Automotive). On network and cloud devices, physical security aspects are not less important. Adversaries are able to (easily) learn and access information which relate to the underlying physical activity of a device or a process and their activity. As such my agenda is not only to be able to provide verifiable physical-security but also to do so in a resource efficient way (perf., energy, area and reliability).