Prof. Dror Fixler

Welcome to Fixler's lab!

Faculty of Engineering, Vice Dean

The Institute of Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials

Bar-Ilan University

Nano photonics, Fluorescence Imaging and Microscopy Research

Prof. Dror Fixler is a member of the Nano Photonics Center at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA), and a Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering.
Fixler is a BIU-educated expert in electro-optics and photonics research including the emission, transmission, detection and sensing of light for biomedical properties. His primary foci are developing new technologies for super resolution microscopy, medical testing, and communications networks.
דרור פיקסלר מצולם ב מעבדה בבר אילן
Nano photonics and its applications
Fixler's lab deals with theoretical and practical models for reconstructing the optical properties of participating media by nano photonic tools. Our theory is based on a robust generalization of the diffusion theory; Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm; dipole-dipole approximation and other methods. On the practical side we use lasers, LEDs and microscopes. For more information please see here.