Postdoctoral Position Opening

An opening currently exists for a post-doctoral researcher in the area of Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of nanoparticles linked to fluorophores or carbon dots, anisotropy decay and optical biophysics deals with light-tissue interactions. The principal goal of the research effort is to utilize novel mathematical and experimental systems to explore metal-fluorophore interaction: investigating the fluorescence intensity following metal enhanced fluorescence – MEF; changes in fluorescence lifetime and fluorescence correlation time.

The post-doctoral associate will participate in a multidisciplinary research program which includes biologists, physicists, chemists, engineers, and biochemists, and therefore must be willing to work in an open and collaborative environment. The successful candidate will have previous experience in more than one of the following areas: lasers and/or optics, microscopy, cellular or biomolecular imaging, biochemical sample preparation, and biophysics. The position will include both experimental measurements and the development of models for the observed behavior. The position is for two to three years, one year at a time.

Interested individuals should send a curriculum vitae, publication list, and names of three references.