News and updates

Marc. 21 - Congratulations to Rain Lenny for his successful application to the direct MSc track!

Mar. 21 - Congratulations to Gal Amit for successfully defending his PhD research proposal!

Mar. 21 - Congratulations to Alon Wander for successfully defending his MSc thesis!

Mar. 21 - A new paper in Phys. Rev. Research with Dilip Paneru, Amit Te'eni, Bar Y. Peled, James Hubble, Yingwen Zhang, Avishy Carmi and Ebrahim Karimi: "Experimental tests of multiplicative Bell inequalities and the fundamental role of local correlations" was published.

Feb. 21 - A new paper with Bar Peled, Amit Te'eni and Avishy Carmi titled: "Correlation minor norms, entanglement detection and discord" has just appeared in Scientific Reports.

Dec. 20 - Honored to take part in the Israeli consortium for developing various quantum cryptography systems, funded by the Israel Innovation Authority.

Dec. 20 - New Papers in Phys. Rev. D, "Realism and causality. I. Pilot wave and retrocausal models as possible facilitators" and "Realism and causality. II. Retrocausality in energetic causal sets" with Marina Cortês, Avshalom Elitzur, and Lee Smolin (Part I and Part II).

Dec. 20 - We're happy to welcome Yaara Dvir to our group.

Nov. 20 - Won a Pazy Foundation grant with Sharon Shwartz and Talya Arusi-Parpar.

Oct. 20 - New paper in Nature Communications, "Optical framed knots as information carriers", with the Karimi group and Avishy Carmi.

Oct. 20 - Won an FQXi grant together with Yakir Aharonov, Avishy Carmi and Avshalom Elitzur.

Oct. 20 - We're happy to welcome Ismael De Paiva, Orit Herman and Shim'on Sukholuski to our group.

Sep. 20  - New paper in Nature Physics, "Weak-to-strong transition of quantum measurement in a trapped-ion system", led by Yiming Pan.

Sep. 20 - Congratulation to our colleague and friend Ebrahim Karimi for being elected as a member of the Royal Society of Canada - College of New Scholars.

Aug. 20 - We're happy to welcome Yuval Idan and Adi Oizerovich to our group.

Aug. 20 - A new article in Brain Research led by Danko Georgiev.

July 20 - An article was published regarding our new undergraduate Quantum Engineering program.

July 20 - Received budget from the Israeli Innovation Authority to demonstrate a new quantum illumination scheme together with Avi Pe'er and Elta Systems as a prototype for quantum radars.

June 20 - Honored to be chosen by the Council of Higher Education for the 3 year program of early stage researchers in the field of quantum science and technology.

June 20 - Our Leon Bello won the Rector Prize for Excellent PhD Students.

April 20 - The first half of a series of papers with Marina Cortês, Avshalom Elitzur, and Lee Smolin was accepted to PRD. The accepted version is available on arXiv.

April 20 - See our recently accepted review paper, led by Dilip Paneru on "Entanglement: Quantum or Classical?" in Rep. Prog. Phys.

March 20 - Avishy Carmi and I continue our exploration of quantum uncertainty and its connections with quantum nonlocality in this recent Entropy paper.

Feb. 20 - "Analysis of single-particle nonlocality through the prism of weak measurements" co-authored with Danko Georgiev has appeared in IJQI.

Feb. 20 - Avshalom Elitzur and I published a new article in Entropy: "Some notes on counterfactuals in quantum mechanics".

Feb. 20 - Two PhD students from the group, Amit Te'eni and Gal Amit, presented two of our works in the annual meeting of the Israeli Physical Society and in Control of Quantum and Classical Waves in Complex Media, respectively.

Feb. 20 - Our Ariel Ashkenazi won the best TA prize!

Feb. 20 - I wrote an article in Hebrew for Haaretz newspaper about photonic quantum technologies.

Feb. 20 - Six works of our group were presented in SPIE Photonics West (four conference proceedings papers appear under Publications).

Jan. 20 - We're happy to welcome Michael Krongauz to our group.

Jan. 20 - Our student Amit Te'eni has led the following work with Bar Peled, a student of Avishy Carmi, and our colleague Danko Georgiev: "Double Slit with an Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Pair".

Dec. 19 - Our QUEST II conference was delightful:                                                        

Congratulations to Leon Bello for winning the best poster award!

Dec. 19 - Happy to welcome Rain Lenny to our group!

Nov. 19 - Published in Quantum a perspective article regarding the nice "Anomalous Weak Values Without Post-Selection".

Nov. 19 - My colleagues from the Physics Department and I are organizing next month the second international workshop on Quantum Entanglement Science and Technology (QUEST 2) at the Faculty of Engineering, Bar-Ilan University:

Oct. 19 - We are glad to welcome three new group members: Mahesh Jayakody, Amit Te'eni and Gil Shechter.

Aug. 19 - New paper in NJP: "Accelerated-Cherenkov radiation and signatures of radiation reaction".

July 19 - Our recent paper in APL: "Nonlocal quantum erasure of phase objects" was highlighted by AIP in Scilight.

July 19 - New paper in New J. Phys.:  "Bounds on nonlocal correlations in the presence of signaling and their application to topological zero modes". This research was performed in collaboration with Avishy Carmi, Yaroslav Herasymenko and Kyrylo Snizhko. It presents additional results stemming from the framework developed by Avishy Carmi and myself, which can be simulated and tested by a system of parafermions.

July 19 - New paper in Am. J. Phys.: "Why physical understanding should precede the mathematical formalism - conditional quantum probabilities as a case-study" - In this work with Yakir Aharonov and David Oaknin we discuss a new quantum paradox and its consequences.

June 19 - New paper in Nature Reviews Physics: "Geometric phase from Aharonov–Bohm to Pancharatnam–Berry and beyond". Could be very suitable for those of you who seek a gentle introduction to the notion of geometric phase, with recent applications to optics and condensed-matter physics.

June 19 - Avishy Carmi and I are now editing a special issue of Entropy (Quantum Information section) titled: "Axiomatic approaches to Quantum Mechanics". Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 May 2020.

May 19 - Three years ago Aharon Brodutch and I suggested in our PRL a new protocol for implementing nonlocal quantum measurements  and now I'm closing the circle, having the privilege to coauthor its experimental realization in Nanophotonics.

April 19 - A pivotal paper in our research program was published in Sci. Adv. - Relativistic independence bounds nonlocality. Our followup work, Multiplicative Bell Inequalities, appeared now as well in Phys. Rev. A as a Rapid Communication.

Feb. 19 - Structured Quantum Projectiles - Now in Phys. Rev. A, selected also to Kaleidoscope.

Feb. 19 - New exciting papers in Optica and Opt. Express with the Karimi group (the former made it to the cover of Optica!).

Feb. 19 - Congratulations to Prof. Ebrahim Karimi for being elected as a fellow of The Optical Society and of the Global Young Academy!

Jan. 19 - Join us at a very interesting conference taking place at the Weizmann Institute (Jan. 28-31 2019).

Nov. 18 - Join the intriguing LALS 2018 conference next week (BIU). I'll present our work on Interaction-free Ghost Imaging.

Nov. 18 - New paper in Entropy.

Nov. 18 - Together with Profs. Yakir Aharonov and Jeff Tollaksen I recently published in PNAS a paper analyzing the old question of reductionism vs. emergentism from a quantitative quantum perspective:  Completely top-down hierarchical structure in quantum mechanics. See also the excellent Commentary by George F. R. Ellis.

Oct. 18 - New post explaining the basics of weak measurements.