Media coverage

Here are a few selected semi-popular accounts of our work:

A short article regarding the Quantum Communication consortium we part of - BIU

A popular article covering our paper in Nature Communications: "Optical Framed Knots as Information Carriers" - uOttawa

And another popular article covering the above paper - BIU.

A popular article covering our paper in Nature Physics: "Weak-to-strong transition of quantum measurement in a trapped-ion system" - BIU

An interview marking 100 citations of our paper: "Introduction to Weak Measurements and Weak Values" - Quanta

Photonic quantum technologies (Hebrew) - Haaretz

Erasing images remotely with nonlocal quantum effects - Scilight

A new photonic quantum simulator based on cyclic quantum walks -

Top-down causation and quantum physics - PNAS

Quantum Physics May Be Even Spookier Than You Think - Scientific American

How Quantum Wishes Can Turn Into Horses: A New Thought-Experiment Shows That Even Non-Events Can Have Causal Effects - Science Trends