Open research positions

Excellent curious and creative M.Sc and Ph.D students with a strong mathematical background and programming skills are welcome to contact me.


  • Berta Almozninos, “Optimal Stopping Problem: Dynamic Pricing of an Asset”.  Graduation: 2009 (informal joint supervision with Prof. Evgeni Khmelnitsky).
  • Dan Avrahami, “Using Machine Learning for Employees’ Recruitment & Placement”. Graduation: 2019 (informal joint supervision with Prof. Irad Ben-Gal).
  • Matan Marudi, “A Decision-Trees Based Approach for Ordinal Classification Problems”. Graduation 2021 (co-supervised with Prof. Irad Ben-Gal).
  • Rotem Haba, 2020 (joint supervision with Dr. Anat Ratnovski)
  • Noa Shprach, 2020 (joint supervision with Dr. Shahar Alon)
  • Aviv Gerasi, 2020 (joint supervision with Dr. Izik Cohen)
  • Danit Abukasis, 2020 (joint supervision with Dr. Izik Cohen)
  • Ohad Volk, 2020
  • Lior Rabkin, 2020 (joint supervision with Dr. Ilan Cohen)
  • Chen Ben Mayor, 2021
  • Matan Marudi, 2021