My research interests are in modeling and analyzing complex systems (including biological systems and reactive software) using formal reasoning and synthesis methods. I am also interested in the application of visual languages to model the behavior of reactive systems. I work on development of new computational methods and tools towards enabling a deeper understanding of biological computation.

For Students and Postdocs:

מתענינים בחישוב ביולוגי, כלים מתקדמים לניתוח תוכנה, אימות של מערכות מורכבות או פתרון חידות מתמטיות? צרו קשר לבדוק אפשרות להשתלב במחקר לתארים מתקדמים או בפרויקט בתואר ראשון

I am currently looking for talented and highly motivated students and postdocs, if you are interested please email me with a CV to hillelk at

Selected Publications:

M. Aluf-Medina, T. Korten, A. Raviv, D.V. Nicolau Jr. and H. Kugler. Formal Semantics and Verification of Network-Based Biocomputation Circuits. To appear, VMCAI'21, 2021.

H. Kugler, S-J. Dunn, and B. Yordanov. Formal Analysis of Network Motifs. CMSB'18, 2018.

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Y. Shavit, B. Yordanov, S-J. Dunn, C.M. Wintersteiger, Y. Hamadi, and H. Kugler, Switching Gene Regulatory Networks, in 10th International Conference on Information Processing in Cells and Tissues (IPCAT 2015), Springer, September 2015.

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