Prof. Hillel Kugler

I am a faculty member at  Bar-Ilan University since 2015. Before joining the faculty of Engineering  at Bar-Ilan I was a researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. Previously I was a member of Jane Hubbard's lab at the Biology Department and a member of the the Analysis of Computer Systems Group , Department of Computer SciHillelence, Courant Institute New York University. I did my Ph.D at the Weizmann Institute under the supervision of  David Harel and Amir Pnueli.

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Avaialable Positions

Research Topics:

  • Formal verification of Learning Systems
  • Theory and Implementation of novel computational devices
  • New algorithms and tools for Synthesis of Gene Networks
  • Modeling Stem Cell and Developmental Systems
  • New Languages and tools for Software specification and rapid prototyping
  • Automatic Tools for Solving Mathematical Riddles and Cyber Challenges

For M.Sc. and PhD. Students, Postdocs or Developer Positions: I am currently looking for talented and highly motivated students and postdocs for several new projects in the areas of Formal Verification of Software and Hardware Systems, Reasoning about Deep Learning, Autonomous Vehicle Protocols, Design of novel Biological Computing Devices, Computational methods to study Stem Cells and Developmental Biology. Excellent conditions for suitable candidates. For more info and to apply contact me at  hillelk at

Bio4Comp Project - Parallel Network-Based Biological Computation

Algorithms for Identifying and Understanding Network Motifs

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