• Lior Frenkel
  • Ori Ernst (with Prof. Ido Dagan)
  • Avi Caciularu (with Prof. Ido Dagan)
  • Gal Cohen (with Prof. Hayit Greenspan)
  • David SrikerĀ  (with Prof. Hayit Greenspan)
  • Shira Kasten SerlinĀ  (with Prof. Hayit Greenspan)

Former students

Information for prospective students

I am looking for highly qualified MSc and PhD students to work on machine learning topics (see my publications for some of my specific interests). While there are a variety of backgrounds that are appropriate for working in my lab, as strong a background in probability and statistics as possible is good, as is the ability to code real systems. Very high grades in general, and in my courses in particular, improve your chances. If you know something about machine learning already (from previous jobs etc), this can help. Many (although not all) things I like to do involve computer programming in Python and deep learning languages (e.g. Keras, PyTorch and TensorFlow). If you have good computer skills in these languages it is a plus.

If you are still interested: Please don't send me email in Hebrew - and do send me your CV, grade averages, a list of machine learning courses you have taken and relevant work experience.