My main interest is in communication systems and coding theory in distributed frameworks.
In particular, I'm mostly interested in coding for  interactive communication systems:

  • Interactive Coding for two-party protocols: rate, noise-resilience and efficiency
  • Interactive Coding over various types of channels: erasure channels, feedback channels, channels with insertions and deletions
  • Adaptive interactive coding protocols
  • Privacy vs. Error Correction in the interactive setting
  • Multiparty interactive coding protocols:
    • rate vs. topology
    • coding for distributed systems

Other than interactive coding and distributed computation, my research involves questions in blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies, data-streams, cryptography, and quantum cryptography.


  • I am grateful to the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) for funding my grant proposal
    "Secure Multi-Party Computation Over Noisy Networks"
    through grant No. 2020277 (2021-2025), joint with Prof. V. Zikas and Prof. C. Hazay.

  • I am grateful to the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) for funding my grant proposal
    "Coding for Interactive Communication: Fundamental Problems and Applications"
    through grant No. 1078/17  (2017-2021).


  • PODC 2024 (general chair, SC member)
  • ISIT 2023 (TPC member)
  • PODC 2023 (treasurer, SC member)
  • ITCS 2023 (PC member)
  • PODC 2022 (PC member)
  • PODC 2021 (PC member)
  • ITCS 2020 (PC member)