Undergraduate Projects


Bar-Ilan Univeristy

  1. Noam Bar-On, Single microphone speech enhancement with multi-output DNN, 2021.

  2. Amit Ben-Simon, Blind audio source separation based on statistical model, 2021.

  3. Aviv Doron and Oren Chizkya, Online blind audio source separation, 2021.

  4. Tomer Ron and Asaf Skital, Voice activity detector based on LRT, 2021.

  5. Daniel Levi and Adi Cohen, Reverberation time estimation using DNN, 2021.

  6. Maor Yevadiev and Omer Pinchas, Wind noise suppression using spectral methods, 2021.

  7. Sefi Reshef, cGMM-based TF clustering for LCMV beamforming, 2021.

  8. Hila Yehezkel and Avi Goldsfiher, Speaker separation using TasNet, 2021.

  9. Avigail Kolobov and Gal Bental, Deep ranking-based sound-source localization and tracking, 2021.

  10. Yuval Saraf and Sara Eliasev, Audio selection using DNN, 2021.

  11. Amit Eliav and Aaron Taub, Singing voice and music synchronization, 2021.


Bar-Ilan University

  1. Amit Sofer, Robust beamforming on manifolds, 2020.
  2. Afek Steinberg and Ofek Ofir, Blind source separation in noisy environment using model-based EM algorithm, 2020.
  3. Orel Shoshani and Yanir Edry, Deep Ranking-Based Sound Source Lo-
    calization, 2020.
  4. Amit Pinchas and Yogev Klein, Speech Separation with Utterance-Level
    Permutation Invariant Training of Deep Recurrent Neural Networks, 2020.
  5. Idan Uri and Mor Zecharia, Intelligibility improvement in very low SNR, 2020.
  6. Ravid Avraham and Liroi Dokhanian, Directed loudspeaker array, 2020.
  7. Orel Navi and Kfir Cohen, Muting a spatial area using loudspeaker array, 2020.
  8. Benaya Levy and Mordechai Muradi, Learning to Separate Object Sounds
    by Watching Unlabeled Video, 2020.
  9. Noam Korengut and Sara Ernest, Video-based stereo spatialization from
    mono recording, 2020.
  10. Yevgeny Ivanov and Shani Dagan, Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene Microphone Arrays, with Prof. Doron Naveh, 2019.
  11. Shoval Rahamim and Sharon Meged, DNN-based Audio Center , 2019.
  12. Meir Rosenblat and Hanan Aharonov, Speaker Separation, 2019.
  13. Yaakov Rahimy and Azaria Mashraky, Wind Noise Reduction , 2019.
  14. Ayal Schwartz and Adi Wassermann, Source separation using microphone array and DNN, 2019.
  15. Liron Steinberg and Dalia Sherman, Source separation and localization using model-based EM algorithm , 2019.
  16. Dvir Hazut and David Radushiyzky, CNN-based Dereberberation , 2019.
  17. Nevo Geslevich and Tomer Levanon, Audio Center, 2019.
  18. Guy Jisfan and Daniel Shalev, Emotion recognition using artificial neural networks , 2018.
  19. Roy Tendlerr and Or Gershon, Bandwidth extension using artificial neural networks, 2018.
  20. Dan Segev, Music separation using NMF , 2018.
  21. Assaf Hallela and Hagai Taitelbaum, Speech enhancement using artificial neural networks, 2017.
  22. Gilad Rat and Hodia Hamer, Speech enhancement using neural networks and EM algorithm, 2017.
  23. Ido Berkovich and Matan Leibovich, Acoustic Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, 2017.
  24. Liat Neviei, Daphna Ernest, Real-time binaural speech dereverberation, 2016.
  25. Avi Attal, Guy Zager, Real-time ad hoc microphone array for speech enhancement, 2016.
  26. Zahi Elbaz, Uri Ernest, Speaker tracking in noisy and reveberant environment, 2016.
  27. Assaf Avinoam, Avihai Arbel, Nested GSC for joint noise reduction and dereverberation, 2016.
  28. Chen Tsfaty, Nir Chen, Android implementation for single microphone DNN-based speech enhancement, 2016.
  29. Reut Toker, Arie Kalmanovich, Android implementation for speech enhancement algorithm, 2016.
  30. Haggay Margalit, Matan Berl, Multichannel DSP system for noise reduction, 2016.
  31. Natan David, Acoustic scene analysis, 2016.
  32. Eliezer Hershkovich, Nati Frankel, Android implementation for dual-microphone speech enhancement, 2015.
  33. Avishai Armon, Statistically-based speech dereverberation, 2015.
  34. Uri Smolyan, Eldad Haimm, Ad hoc unsynchronized microphone arrays for speech enhancement, 2015.
  35. Barak Ozeri, Derverberation using Kalman Filter, 2014.
  36. Eran Hadad, Dima Fishman, 3-D Audio Rendering, 2014.
  37. Shlomi Chazan and David Cohen, Differential Microphone Arrays for Dereverberation, 2013.
  38. Michael Sharvit and Liron Gerby, Binaural Speech Enhancement for Hearing Aids, 2013.
  39. Barak Ozeri and Roee Ovadia, Concurrent Speaker Localization, 2013.
  40. Yafit Feldman and Idit Dagan, Multi Sensor system for Neural Activity Analysis, Co-supervisor Orit Shefi, 2013.
  41. Shay Yederman and Ehud Dagan, Analog Front-end for Muscle Activity Analysis, Co-supervisor Eli Kolberg, 2013.
  42. Idan Chen and Yosi Buchnik, Speech Enhancement–Android Implementation, 2013.
  43. Bracha Goldstein, Localization based on Diffusion Maps, 2013.
  44. Chaim Livschis, Yechiel Klein, Binaural Algorithms for Speech Enhancement, 2012.
  45. Ariel Malek, Aviaad Chashuel, Stereophonic Echo Cancellation, 2012.
  46. Amichai Polishuk, Oded Kaminsky, Distributed Linearly Constrained Beam- former, 2012.
  47. Yatir Tuati, Ishai Alouch, Speech Seperation Utilizing Sparsity, 2012.
  48. Tomer Meged, Shachar Zigdon, Real-Time Multi-Microphone Speech Enhancement, 2012.
  49. Ariel Livschis, David Zuker Adaptive Differential Microphone Array, 2012.
  50. Israel Danziger, Motion Based Music Instrument, 2012.
  51. Elad Moskovich, Yoni Klein, Differential Microphones, 2011.
  52. Doron Gluzer, Zvi Sankeivich Multiple Constraint Beamformer, 2011.
  53. Shlomo Bugdari, Ohad Sharabi Focused Beamformer, 2011.
  54. Yossi Ben Simon, Real-Time Speech Enhancement, 2011.
  55. Zuriel Hadad, Yehuda wolker, Derevereberation using Linear Prediction, 2011.
  56. Shosi Frank, Tal Friedman, Multichannel Neuro-analysis, 2011.
  57. Inbar Gesner, Yair Antmann, Multi-Channel Wiener Filter with Localization Cues for Noise Reduction in Binaural Hearing Aids, 2010.
  58. Boaz Schwartz, Idan Bakish, Distributed Adaptive Node-Specific MMSE Signal Estimation In Sensor Networks, 2010.
  59. Ofir Pinchas, Tali Warshavski, Real-Time Implementation of a Small Dual-Channel Microphone Array for Speech Enhancement, 2010.
  60. Dvir Avzirat, Ofer Busani, ‘Frequency-domain adaptive Kalman filter for acoustic echo control in hands-free telephones, 2010.
  61. Yochay Yeminy , “Speech Enhancement via dimensionality reduction and GMM”, Co-supervisor Yosi Keller, 2010 .
  62. Zach David, Rotem Mor , Development multi-channel system for analyzing neural activity, Co-supervisor Orit Shefi, 2010.
  63. Zur Lev and Shooky Zadok, A robust adaptive beamformer for microphone arrays with a blocking matrix using constrained adaptive fil- ters, 2009.
  64. Aviaad Bienenstok and Yedidya Weiss, Nonlinear residual echo suppression using a power filter model of the acoustic echo path, 2009.
  65. Aviaad Rossmann and Yonatan Moshkovich, A Nonparametric VSS NLMS Algorithm, 2009.
  66. Hila Barel and Shachar Bar-Tikva, Multichannel Eigenspace Beamforming in a Reverberant Noisy Environment with Multiple Interfering Speech Signals, 2009.
  67. Nir Admaty and Eizak Rackach, Speech Enhancement Based on the Sub- space Method, 2009.
  68. Ofer Schwarz and Avishai Friedman, Information, Prosody, and Modeling with Emphasis on Tonal Features of Speech, 2009.
  69. Shooky Hadad and Eran Mershein, Voice Morphing, 2009.
  70. David Levin and Evyatar Wiesel, Speech dereverberation using Room Impulse Response Modeling, 2008.
  71. Benni Robinov, Image Method for Frequency Domain Room Impulse Response Simulator, 2008.
  72. Eyal Heller and Ami Buchabza, Double Talk Detectors for Robust Echo Cancellation, 2008.
  73. Avi Dayan, Speaker TDOA Estimation using Multiple-Microphones,  2008.
  74. Dmitry Kochubeevsky and Tomer Zildman, Single Channel Speaker Separation using the MIXMAX Model, 2008.
  75. Tomer Levi, GSVD-based Speech Enhancement Algorithm with Microphone Arrays, 2007.
  76. Shachaf Melman and Amichai Meiri, Convolutive Blind Source Separation, 2007.
  77. Hanan Ashwega and Nir Russo, Speech Source Localization in Noisy and Reverberant Environment using the Particle Kalman Filter, 2007.
  78. Arieh Jerichover and Ariel Bierendorf, Residual Echo Cancellation, 2007.
  79. Amit Strauss and Ofer Margalit, Speech Distortion Weighted Multichannel Wiener Filtering Techniques for Noise Reduction, 2006.
  80. Yosef Fryszer and Rabin Cohen-Tov, Blind Source Separation using the JADE algorithm, 2006.
  81. Michael Yarezky, Psychoacoustic Research of Auditory Biofeedback, 2006.
  82. Michael Bezman and Michael Laptanikov, Speech Source Localization in Noisy and Reverberant Environment using the Unscented Kalman Filter, 2006.
  83. Shay Dekel and Tal Gorgi, Joint Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation for Speech Communication Application, 2005.
  84. Nir Laufer and Eyal Reich, An Integrated Real-Time Beamforming and Postfiltering System for Non-Stationary Noise Environments, 2005.
  85. Ofer Limon and Israel Grunwald, Speech Source Localization in Noisy and Reverberant Environment, 2005.
  86. Livnat Erenberg and Yariv Erenberg, Multi-Microphone Speech Enhancement- Algorithms Comparison and Assessment, 2005.
  87. Asaf Danino, Speech Recognition Front End-Algorithms Comparison and Assessment, 2005.
  88. Adva HaLachmi and Meital Nachum, Blind Source Separation, 2005.
  89. Bloomenfeld Hadas, Voice Activity Detector-Algorithms Comparison and Assessment, 2005.
  90. Eyal Pdael and Ariel Perez, Single Mic. Speech Enhancement using Kalman Filter-Implementation in SPDemo, 2005.
  91. Ravid Solomon and Yoni Beck, Signal Enhancement Using Beamforming and Non-Stationarity with application to Speech-Implementation in SPDemo, 2005.
  92.  Hagay Toledano and Itay Kahana, Speech Morphing, 2005.


  1. Dorit Baras ,Implementation of the MixMax algorithm for Single Microphone Speech Enhancement, 2003.
  2. Shira Nemirovsky, Improvments of the MUSIC and ESPRIT algorithms, 2003.

Tel-Aviv University

  1. Eran Groso, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, 1997.
  2. Anelia Baruch, B.Sc , On Improving the performance of the LPC-10 decoder, 1996.
  3. Uri Sharony and Oren Bahat, Iterative-Batch Kalman Filter-Based Speech Enhancement Algorithms, 1995.
  4. Alex Margolis and Michael Pevzner, Sequential Kalman Filter-Based Speech Enhancement Algorithms, 1995.