Graduate Students



  1. Elior Hadad, "Speaker Localization and Separation". Start: Apr. 2017.


  1. Yochai Yemini. "Audio-Visual Processing", Co-supervisor Ethan Fetaya, Start: Oct. 2019.
  2. Renana Opochinsky (Kleinman). "Deep Learning Methods for Signal Processing,"  Co-supervisor Gal Chechik, Start: Apr. 2018.
  3. Yarden Menashri. "A Comparison of Available Methods and a Construction of a New Model for Quantifying Physiological Group Synchrony," Main supervisor Ilanit Gordon, Start, Aug. 2019.
  4. Aviad Eisenberg. "DNN-based method for Speech Processing," Start: Oct. 2021.


  1. Daniel Levi. TBD, start Oct. 2021.

  2. Adi Cohen. TBD, start Oct. 2021.

  3. Amit Eliav. TBD, start Oct. 2021.

  4. Mordehay Moradi. "Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement," Start Jan. 2021.

  5. Boris Rubenchik. "Single microphone speech enhancement using DNN," Start Oct. 2020.

  6. Amit Sofer. "Graph neural networks for robust beamforming," Start Oct. 2020.

  7. Roi Gueta. "Binaural speech enhancement controlled by EEG signals," Start Oct. 2020.

  8. Dalia Sherman. "Emotion recognition from audio signals," Start Apr. 2020.

  9. Oren Shmaryahu." On beam-patterns in reverberant environments," Start Apr. 2020.

  10. Ayal Schwartz. "Deep Learning Methods for Beamforming," Start Oct. 2019.

  11. Yosef Soussana, Bayesian Speaker Localization. Start: Feb. 2017.



  1. Shmulik Markovich-Golan, Algorithms for Speech Processing. Mar. 2013-Oct. 2020.

  2. David Levin, Distributed Algorithms for Microphone Arrays. May 2016–April 2017.

  3. E.A.P. Habets, "Speech Processing". Feb. 2007-Jan. 2009.


  1. Shlomi Chazan, Deep Learning Methods for Speech Enhancement, Co-supervisor: Jacob Goldberger, Oct. 2015-Mar. 2021.

  2. Yaron Laufer, Bayesian Methods in Speech Processing, Oct. 2017-Oct. 2020.

  3. Bracha Laufer, Manifold Learning Methods for Speech Processing (direct track), Co-supervisor: Ronen Talmon, Technion, Oct. 2017-Oct. 2020.

  4. Dani Cherkassky, Robust Speech Processing using Ad- Hoc Microphone Arrays.Graduation: Feb. 2019.
  5. Yuval Dorfan, Distributed Localization and Tracking of Acoustic Sources. Graduation: Sep. 2018.
  6. Boaz Schwartz, Derverberation Methods for Binaural Hearing (direct track). Co-supervisor: E.A.P. Habets (FAU, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany). Graduation: May 2018.
  7. Ofer Schwartz, Multi-microphone Derverberation Algorithms. Co-supervisor: E.A.P. Habets (FAU, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany). Graduation: Mar. 2018.
  8. David Levin, Speech processing using Acoustic Vector Sensors (direct track). Co-supervisor: E.A.P. Habets (FAU, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany).Graduation: Mar. 2018.
  9. Elior Hadad, "Speech Processing for Hearing Aids". Graduation: Jun. 2016.
  10. Shmulik Markovich-Golan, "Speech Processing using Distributed Microphone Networks". Additional supervisor: Israel Cohen (Technion-IIT). Graduation: Aug. 2013.
  11. Ronen Talmon, "Supervised Speech Processing Based on Geometric Analysis".
    Co-supervisor: Israel Cohen (Technion-IIT). Graduation: July, 2011.
  12. E.A.P. Habets, "Single- and Multi-Microphone Speech Dereverberation using Spectral Enhancement."
    Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ir. J.W.M. Bergmans (T.U. Eindhoven), co-supervisor: Dr. Ir. P.C.W. Sommen (T.U. Eindhoven). Graduation Jun., 2007.


  1. Avital Bross, "Multi-Speaker Localization and Tracking based on Manifold Learning and Clustering," Graduation: Nov. 2021.
  2. Aviad Eisenberg, "Blind Acoustic Source Separation Algorithms Based On Statistical Models," Graduation Jun. 2021.
  3. Nili Cohen, "An Expectation-Maximization for Speech Separation, Echo Cancellation and Dereverberation," Graduation: Jun. 2021.

  4. Koby Wiseberg, "Simultaneous tracking and separation of multiple sources using factor graph model," Graduation: Oct. 2020.

  5. Hodaya Hammer. "Deep Learning Methods for Speech Enhancement and Speaker Localization," Graduation: Sep. 2020.

  6. Maya Veisman, "Simultaneous Room Geometry Inference and Speaker Localization," Graduation: Jan. 2020.

  7. Ori Ernest, Speech Enhancement using Generative Adversarial Network. Graduation: May 2019. Co-Supervisor: Jacob Goldberger.

  8. Natan David, "Room Classification from Reverberant Speech using Relative Transfer Function," Graduation: May 2019.

  9. Anna Barnov, "Microphone Array Processing on Multiple Devices," Graduation: Mar. 2018.

  10. Tamar Marom-Shalev, "Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks: Combined Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Adaptive Beamforming," Graduation: Nov. 2017.

  11. Yossi Daniel (Open University, Israel), "Speech Localization using Microphone Arrays through Sparse Recovery Approach," Co-supervisor: Hagit Messer (Tel-Aviv University, Israel). Graduation: Aug. 2016.

  12. Shlomi Chazan, "Deep Learning Methods for Speech Enhancement," Co-supervisor: Jacob Goldberger, Graduation: Oct. 2015.

  13. Boaz Castro, "Speech Dereverberation using Subspace Methods," Graduation: Oct. 2015.

  14. Yochay Yeminy, "Single Microphone Speech Separation," Co-supervisor: Yossi Keller. Graduation: Oct., 2011.

  15. Ofer Schwartz, "Concurrent Speech Localization," Graduation: Oct. 2012.

  16. Livnat Ehrenberg, "Performance Bounds on MIMO tracking systems," Co-supervisor: Amir Leshem. Graduation: Aug. 2011.

  17. Avinoam Levi, "Speaker Localization using Particle filters," Graduation: May 2011.

  18. Shmulik Markovich, "Multichannel Eigenspace Beamforming in a Reverberant Noisy Environment with Multiple Interfering Speech Signals," Co-supervisor: Israel Cohen (Technion-IIT). Graduation: Oct. 2008.

  19. Gal Reuven, Dual Transfer Function Generalized Sidelobe Canceller and Application to Joint Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation," Co-supervisor: Israel Cohen (Technion-IIT). Graduation: Jan. 2006.

  20. Tsvi G. Dvorkind, "Speaker Localization in a Reverberant and Noisy Environment," Graduation Summa Cum Laude, Nov. 2003.

MSc Project

  1. Zahi Elbaz, Bayesian Methods for Speech Enhancement in dynamic and Reverberant Enviroments, Co-supervisor: Yaron Laufer, Graduation: Jun. 2020.
  2. Itai Druker, A Bayesian Framework for Blind Adaptive Beamforming, Co-supervisor: Yaron Laufer, Graduation: Apr. 2020.
  3. Aviel Adler, Project, A Weighted Multichannel Wiener Filter and its Decomposition to LCMV Beamformer and Postfilter for Source Separation and Noise Reduction.
    Co-supervisor: Ofer Schwartz, Graduation: Nov. 2017.