Group Members

Technical and Management Staff:

  • Yehuda Rudin – General Manager
  • Yoav Weizmann – Head of the Security, Reliability and Inspection Lab
  • Noa Edri – Circuits and Systems lab manager and SOC Verification & design engineer
  • Yonatan Shoshan – SOC lab technical leader
  • Shawn Ruby – CAD director
  • Nataly Azankot - Operations and Logistics Manager
  • Slava Yuzhaninov – Design & verification engineer
  • Yehuda Kra - SOC Lab
  • Tzachi Noy - SOC Lab
  • Rinat Breuer - SOC Lab
  • Assaf Pollok - SOC Lab
  • Avi Chelly - Lab Engineer
  • Yuval Ninyo - Lab Engineer Assistant
  • Idan Itzikovich - Lab Engineer Assistant
  • Clara Korn - Academic Assistant

Graduate students:

  • Shir Hochwald Liber, Post Ph.D student -Using hardware tools to analyze micro and nanofluidic systems
  • Yonatan Shoshan, Ph.D student - Quantum Computing
  • Noa Edri, Ph.D student - Using hardware tools to analyze systems and biological circuits
  • David Zooker, Ph.D student – Advanced Topics in Hardware Security
  • Netanel Shavit, Ph.D student -Design with Dual Mode Logic in Nanoscale Technology Nodes
  •  Zafrir Levy, Ph.D student - Quantum Computing
  • Dotan Sokolov, Ph.D student - Quantum Computing
  • Inbal Stanger, Ph.D student - Dual Mode Logic
  • Eldar Cohen, M.Sc student - Dual Mode Logic
  • Yuval Ninyo, M.Sc student - Image Sensor
  • Ido Assaf, M.Sc student - Dual Mode Logic
  • Yehuda Rudin, M.Sc student - Hardware Security
  • Noam Roknian, M.Sc student - Quantum Computing
  • Matan Elkoni, M.Sc student -Cryptographic Circuits
    Countermeasure against Power Analysis Attack by Local Power Regulators
  • Shai Yemini, M.Sc student - Deception-oriented hardware security technique for prevention of information leakage from hardware-based cryptographic systems

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Boris Lichterov (currently with BGU), Measurements of complex high speed and secured systems
  • Pascal Meinerzhagen (currently with Intel Labs, Portland), Nanoscaled memory design.
  • Yoav Weizman, (currently with BIU) Hardware Security
  • Ramiro Taco, Post Ph.D student - Energy Efficient Digital Design


  • Adam Teman (currently faculty member at BIU), Power reduction in large arrays (graduated in 2013).
  • Robert Giterman, Ph.D student -  Memories
  • Moshe Avital, Ph.D student – Hardware Security
  • Itamar Levi, Ph.D student – Hardware Security
  • Erez Tadmor, Ph.D student – Time of Flight Image Sensors


  • Inbal Stanger, M.Sc student - DML
  • Matan Assaf, M.Sc student - Neuromorphic 4CAPD applications and implementations
  • Yaron Cohen, M.Sc student - Sensors for Space applications
  • Or Ohev Shalom, M.Sc student - Analysis and Modeling of Algorithmic Noise in the Context of Power Analysis Attacks
  • Netanel Shavit, M.Sc student – Dual Mode Logic
  • David Zooker, M.Sc student – Hardware Security
  • Yaniv Bodner, M.Sc student – Hardware Security
  • Amit Kazimirsky (currently with Intel), Design and Implementation of eDRAMs (graduated in 2016)
  • Noa Edri (currently with BIU), Data Retention Voltage in low power SRAM memories (graduated in 2015) .
  • Anatoli Mordechay (currently with Analog Value), ROIC for MRAM arrays (graduated in 2015).
  • Slava Yushaninov (currently with BIU), Alternative logic families for energy efficient designs (graduated in 2015).
  • Lior Moyal (currently with Apple), Algorithms for design with DML logic (graduated in 2015).
  • Ori Bass (currently with BIU) , Memristive devices for Logic and Memory Implementation (graduated in 2014).
  • Roman Buzilo (currently in industry), Active Teg Array System (graduated in 2014)
  • Robert Giterman (currently with BIU), Low Power e-DRAM arrays (graduated in 2014).
  • Itamar Levi (currently with BIU), Design and Implementation of Energy Efficient Dual Mode Logic (graduated in 2013).
  • Hadar Dagan (currently with AMD), Low-power low-cost and DPA-secured passive RFID tags (graduated in 2013).
  • Asaf Kizerman (currently with Intel) , Low power Dual Mode Logic (DML) (graduated in2011).
  • Idan Shwartz (currently with MOD), Low voltage asynchronous logic (graduated in 2011).
  • Janna Mezhibovsky (currently with Micron), Dynamic Analysis of low voltage SRAM arrays (graduated in 2011).
  • Sagi Fisher (currently with Broadcom), Ultra low power subthreshold digital circuits (graduated in 2010).
  • Adam Teman (currently faculty member at BIU), Power reduction in large arrays (graduated in 2010).

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