EnICS Labs

The Emerging Nanoscaled Integrated Circuits & Systems (EnICS) Labs in the Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University, inaugurated in 2015, have rapidly become a major research entity in Israel. EnICS has made key contributions in the areas of system on chip (SoC) design, high speed digital integrated circuits, energy efficient embedded memories and memory architectures, hardware security, cutting-edge analog circuit design, CMOS image sensors and design with emerging technologies.

EnICS labs were started according to the vision of its founder, Prof. Alexander Fish, as a collaborative research center that would join together the knowledge, leadership and capabilities of a group of faculty and researchers to achieve outstanding accolades. This vision has come to realization with the recent additions of Prof. Yossie Shor, Dr. Adam Teman and Dr. Osnat Keren to create a trifecta of academic staff at its helm. Under this leadership and a staff of outstanding students and engineers, EnICS is engaged in highly promising joint industrial and academic projects with more than 30 companies and research groups around the globe.

The EnICS labs are equipped with cutting-edge EDA tools and IC measurement equipment.  Currently, EnICS consists of three different laboratories:

  • The System on Chip (SoC) Lab, funded by the Magnet Program of the Ministry of Economy in the framework of the HiPer It maintains close ties with all the HiPerindustrial members. The lab has developed the infrastructure, tools and knowhow for the rapid integration of SoC in 28nm or smaller geometries. The lab aims to become a center of expertise for the Israeli chip design industry, where academics and industrialists can combine their knowledge and experience, thus ensuring that Israeli companies can maintain their technological edge over their competitors.
  • The Hardware Security and Reliability Lab, directed by Dr. Yoav Weizman, which concentrates on hardware security and reliability. The lab specializes in innovations in hardware security including countermeasures, inspection and reliability. The sophisticated countermeasure techniques developed in the lab are validated by a unique set of equipment that can emulate non-invasive, semi-invasive and invasive, passive and active security attacks, thus covering the entire range of potential security threats.
  • The Integrated Circuits and Systems Laboratory, deals with the design and testing of emerging integrated circuits and systems. The lab is the natural incubator for talented graduate students to conduct advanced research on emerging IC technologies. The Lab works on high speed ICs, energy efficient embedded memories, cutting-edge analog circuits, and image sensors.





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