Graduated Students and Researchers

Graduated Students

Alex Zlotnik, M.Sc (joint supervision in TAU)

Yonathan Solomon, M.Sc (joint supervision in TAU)

Gal Shochat, M.Sc (joint supervision in TAU)

Eran Rossman, M.Sc (joint supervision in TAU)

Vardit Eckhouse, M.Sc (joint supervision in TAU)

Damian Goldring, M.Sc (joint supervision in TAU)

Michael Parshin, M.Sc (from BIU)

Amikam Borkowski, M.Sc (joint supervision, in TAU)

Vicente Mico, Ph.D (joint supervision in Valencia, Spain)

Ofer Limon, Ph.D (from BIU)

Yoed Abraham, M.Sc (from BIU)

Aviram Gur, Ph.D (from BIU)

Amir Shemer, Ph.D (from BIU)

David Sylman, Ph.D (from BIU)

Doron Abraham, M.Sc (from BIU)

Doron Abraham, Ph.D (from BIU)

Yevgeny Beiderman, M.Sc (from BIU)

Yevgeny Beiderman, Ph.D (from BIU)

Arkady Rudnitsky, Ph.D (joint supervision, in TAU)

Yana Reznick, M.Sc (from BIU)

Hamootal Duadi, Ph.D (from BIU)

Tomer Yeminy, M.Sc (joint supervision, in BGU)

Ohad Fixler, M.Sc (from BIU)

Ted Frumkin, M.Sc (from BIU)

Ran Aharoni, M.Sc (from BIU)

Ran Aharoni, Ph.D (from BIU)

Asaf Shahmoon, Ph.D (from BIU)

Asaf Ilovitsh, M.Sc (from BIU)

Ofer Margalit, M.Sc (from BIU)

David Elbaz, Ph.D (from BIU)

Shachar Paz, M.Sc (from BIU)

Amihai Meiri, Ph.D (from BIU)

Mark Golberg, M.Sc (joint supervision, in TAU)

Assaf Bitman, Ph.D (from BIU)

Ariel Schwartz, M.Sc (from BIU)

Ariel Schwartz, Ph.D (from BIU)

Alon Shapira, M.Sc (from BIU)

Alex Zlotnik, Ph.D (from BIU)

Amikam Borkowski, Ph.D (joint supervision, in TAU)

Sagie Asraf, M.Sc (from BIU)

Dror Malka, Ph.D (from BIU)

Yossi Danan, M.Sc (from BIU)

Nisan Ozana, M.Sc (from BIU)

Liron Bidani, M.Sc (from BIU)

Zuriel Cohen, M.Sc (from BIU)

Aviya Bennet, M.Sc (from BIU)

Hadar Zafri, M.Sc (from BIU)

Maya Aviv, Ph.D (from BIU)

Tali Ilovitsh, Ph.D (from BIU)

Asaf Ilovitsh, Ph.D (from BIU)

Stav Buchsbaum, M.Sc (from BIU)

Adi Vegerhof, Ph.D (from BIU)

Shai Ben Yaish, M.Sc (from BIU)

Niv Gorodesky, M.Sc (from BIU)

Moshik Cohen, Ph.D (from BIU)

Jonathan Azougi, M.Sc (from BIU)

Chen Avraham, M.Sc (from BIU)

Yossi Danan, Ph.D (from BIU)

Chen Tzur, M.Sc (from BIU)

Gilad Rachamim, M.Sc (from BIU)


Dr. Victor Shienman (former research fellow)

Dr. Arkady Rudnitsky (former research fellow)

Mr. Mark Kunin (former lab engineer)

Dr. Garry Berkovic (2 years long sabbatical stay in the group in 2012-2013)

Dr. Pazit Polak (former research fellow)

Dr. Eyal Cohen (former research fellow)

Dr. Ariel Schwartz (former research fellow)

Dr. Yevgeny Beiderman (former research fellow)

Dr. Yoav Sintov (1 year long sabbatical stay in the group in 2014)

Dr. Danping Liu (6 months long research position in the group)

Dr. Sergei Nikonetchnei (former research fellow)

Dr. David Smadja (former research fellow)

Mr. Michaelo Chef (former lab engineer)

Dr. Amihai Meiri (former research fellow)

Dr. Dror Malka (former research fellow)

Research fellows:

Prof. Moshe Sinvani

Dr. Itai Carmeli

Dr. Yafim Beiderman

Dr. Amir Shemer

Mr. Sergei Agdarov