Group Members

Dr. Avi Zadok

I’m married to Meirav, (by far my better half for the last 17 years), and I’m the loving, proud and sleepless father of 9-years-old Ori, 7-years-old Maayan and 4-years-old Yael.

My main hobby is running. I’m not particularly fast, but I’m pretty consistent. I ran 8 marathons so far, and hope more would follow soon.



Dr. Arkady Rudnitsky




IMG-20140131-WA0001Dvir Munk





Eyal Preter

I like an active lifestyle. I am a long distance runner, enthusiastic hiker and Yoga practitioner.
Married to Einat and father to Gon, currently live in Givat Ela.
My research involves fiber optics sensors, intoxicating liquids and matlab analysis.




Hagai Diamandi


moshe katzmanMoshe Katzman

I am married to Ayelet and the proud father of Avishalom(3) and Yedidia(1).
I did my bachelor degree in electrical engineering in Bar Ilan.
My research topic is silicon photonics fabrication and surface acoustic waves.



Orel Shlomi


Yair Antman

Born in Kfar-Saba, studied EE and physics in Bar-Ilan University.

I am a full-time geek, and a semi-pro waana be Starcraft player. Enjoy any type of gaming my free time allows.

I am married to Merav and currently live in Kiryat Ono.


Yosef London



Former Members:


assaf  Assaf Ben-Amram

I was born in Qiryat Motzkin, and today live in Revava with my lovely wife Tzofia.
My hobbies are some sports stuff like swimming and playing basketball, playing the guitar, and reading about science and medicine.
I begun my research for my M.Sc in the field of Microwave-Photonics.




Daniel Grodensky

I was born in the former USSR. For the last 8 years I live in a lovely place called  Binyamina. I’m crazy about my wife Innochka. We have three wonderful boys: 9-years-old twins Nathaniel and Ariel, and 5-years old playful Eyal. My hobby is a to read historical and philosophical books and taking “nature trips”. The last time I fell over Taiji Quan Chinese art, mostly due to its health benefits.



Daniel KravitzDaniel Kravitz

Born in Moscow, USSR. Currently live in Ramat Gan with my beautiful wife Alina and my baby boy Yonatan.
In my free time I enjoy reading good books, watching sports and listening to good music.

In my research, I'm Investigating UWB radar systems based on non-linear optical phenomena.



David Elooz





Fabian Pederiva



 WP_20140119_21_38_17_ProIdan Bakish

Born and raised in Kiryat Ono.

My hobbies are riding mountain bikes, traveling to unknown places and all kinds of science and technology.

In my research I'm dealing with the design and fabrication of unique CMOS-compatible silicon photonic devices for on-chip optical sensors and optical communication.



Kun Zhong

Research visiting student, or joint PHD student for one year (9.2012 - 8.2013).

My previous research was Brillouin slow light, and my research here is mostly related to BSA and BOTDA of fiber-optics.

My main hobby is music, mostly classical music and pop music. I also enjoy reading, concert and watching some sports like tennis and swimming.



NadavNadav Arbel

Hi everyone,
I came to the big city few years ago from my home town
Kfar Yehezkel near mount Gilboa .
Since i began my  first degree i find that optics fascinates me - so i decided to keep
on studying it.



Ofir Klinger

My main hobby is website building. I speak several lanuages like Hebrew, PHP, HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

My topic of research is long microwave-photonic variable delay of chirped waveforms.



Ran Califa

I currently live in Givataim.

My hobbies include playing guitar and harmonica (mostly for jamming), swimming and traveling.

My research deals with silicon based photonic devices for electro-optic signal processing.



Raphi Cohen Raphi

I claim to have general knowledge, though, some have suggested it's trivia.
Science has always fascinated me, being able to apply it and actually help people would be great.

My research is in Optical Fiber Sensors, Lasers and the design and fabrication of anti-reflective coatings.


Rachel Katims



Shahar Levy

Started as physicist and now doing my doctoral as an engineer. I enjoy reading and learning new things. My research is on silicon based electro-optic devices.




Tali Ilovitsh

In my free time, I enjoy riding my bicycles, good books and silicon integrated modulators.



Vlada Artel




1Yoni Stern

I live in Petach-Tiqva.

My main hobby is music, mostly 70' stuff. I play all kinds of guitars (Electric, Spanish, Acoustic, Classic, Bass). I also enjoy playing basketball and cooking.

My research involves exploiting the polarization dependence of SBS for high spectral-resolution analysis and for MWP filtering.