Prof. George S. Moschytz

George Moschytz is founder and head of the Faculty of Engineering (Bio, Computer, and Electrical Engineering) at Bar-Ilan University, Israel (founded in 2001).

Previously he was professor and director (1973-2001) of the Institute for Signal and Information Processing at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland.
Before joining the ETH EE-Department (where he also received his undergraduate and PhD degrees) he was at RCA Research Laboratories in Zurich (1960-1962) and then, for close to ten years, at Bell Telephone Labs in New Jersey, USA. At Bell Labs he supervised a group designing analog and digital integrated circuits and filters for data communications.

Since 1989 he has been consulting for communications companies in the USA regularly during the summer. He has written and co-authored several (10) books on analog, digital, switched-capacitor, and adaptive circuit and filter design, and close to 400 papers in the field of network theory and design, signal processing, and circuit sensitivity. He holds several patents in these areas.

He is an IEEE Life-Fellow, was awarded the IEEE-CAS-Education Award, and the IEEE-CAS Mac VanValkenburg Award (the highest IEEE-CAS award), as well as several other IEEE awards (among them the Golden Jubilee Award, and the Third Millennium Medal), and was president of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society in 1999.
While at the ETH, he served on he ETH Research Council, then on the Swiss National Research Council in Berne, and thereafter, was one of two representatives of Switzerland, on the European Research Council in Brussels.