Congrats to Shany for defending her MSc thesis !     April 2022

Tomer gave a talk on "High-index topological insulator meta-optics", at Nanometa 2022

Danveer, Sukanta, and Tomer presented our works on "CVD grown selenium spherical resonators for mid-infrared meta-optics", "High-index topological insulator nanostructures for mid-infrared meta-optics", and "Chalcogenides for static and active meta-optics", at Photonics West 2022

Danveer's paper "Chemical Vapor Deposition of Spherical Amorphous Selenium Mie Resonators for Infrared Meta-Optics", has been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces January 12 2022


Congrats to Shany, for receiving the BIU president excellence scholarship for PhD students October 2021

Danveer and Tomer presented our works on "Subwavelength mie-resonant selenium resonators for mid-infrared meta-optics" and "Static and active chalcogenide based meta-optics", at SPIE Optics and Photonics, August 2021


Tomer presented our work on "Tunable and reconfigurable high-index semiconductor meta-optics" at Photonics west and SPIE Optics and SPIE Optics and Photonics


We thank the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) for a 2019 Personal Research Grants Award!

We thank the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) for a 2019 a New-Faculty Equipment Grants Award!

Our paper "Thermally reconfigurable meta-optics", is published to IEEE Photonics Journal

Dr. Lewi gave a talk at the SPIE Optics and Photonics conference, San Diego 2019


Dr. Lewi presented our work on "Reconfigurable Semiconductor Metasurfaces" at the OASIS 7 conference, Tel-Aviv

Our paper "Thermal tuning capabilities of semiconductor metasurface resonators", is published to Nanophotoincs

Our paper "Uniform Thermo-Optic Tunability of Dielectric Metalenses", is published to Physical Review Applied

Our paper "Broadband Electrically Tunable Dielectric Resonators Using Metal-Insulator Transition", is published in ACS Photonics

Dr. Lewi gave an invited talk at the IEEE RAPID conference