Dr. Asaf Albo

I am a researcher in the field of Materials & Devices. I have joined Bar-Ilan University in June 2017 after spending four years with the group of Prof. Qing Hu at MIT, where I studied the electron transport in terahertz quantum cascade lasers (THz-QCLs) and developed novel design strategies for high-performance terahertz-light emitting semiconductor lasers.

I have worked for four years at the industry in a semiconductor devices company as an R&D Senior Physicist. My research there was focused on experimental optoelectronic characterization and advanced device-physics simulations of semiconductor-based infrared photodetectors. My PhD research was conducted at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Technion and carried out at Prof. Gad Bahir’s (EE Department) and Prof. Dan Fekete’s (Physics Department) Laboratories. In my PhD research I have focused on the crystal growth studies, novel physical phenomena as well as device performance of dilute-nitride (III-V-N) materials.

The main interest of my group is the study of novel optoelectronic\electronic materials and devices. We combine theoretical calculations, synthesis of novel materials, device fabrication, and various characterization techniques. Ultimately, we wish to identify and harness novel quantum-mechanical physical phenomena into real-world technology.

If you want to explore opportunities in my group, please don’t hesitate to contact me.