Dr. Doron Naveh

2תמונהI joined Bar-Ilan University in October 2012 after spending one year with the group of Emily Carter at Princeton University and three years at the ECE department of Carnegie Mellon University. I graduated my Ph.D. from the group of Leeor Kronik of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

The main interest of the group is electronic devices based on two-dimensional materials. We combine theoretical methods, synthesis of materials and nanofabrication techniques. Ultimately, we wish to harness novel physical phenomena and properties of 2D materials into functional technology, even if their operation is beyond existing paradigms.

Our main projects are: transition-metal dichalcogenide spintronics, graphene photodetectors, graphene tunneling transistors, memristors, graphene interconnects.

If you have good ideas, contact me or just come and visit us at the BIU Nanodevice Lab.