remote desktop on Windows Engnireeng Faculty Cluster using Bitvise

Dear User,

For a successful connection, make sure you have the following:

  1. Your EXACT username and password for the Faculty of Engineering network
  2. Bitvise SSH Client (Tunnelier) software is installed on your computer
  3.  Google Authenticator software is installed on your mobile phone
  4. To get QR code, follow the guide on next  page:  2 FA login remotely instruction


To connect remotely by Bitvise SSH client, Please follow the next guide:

Section A

            1. click on Login Tab
            2. On the host text Box type -
           3. on the port text box type - 2222
           4. on the user name text Box type your engineering personal user name Account
           5. initial method choose - Keyboard-interactive
           6. click on Option Tab

Section B

On the Option Tab,  Select the settings according to the markings as shown in  the figure
then Click on Terminal Tab


Section C

              On The terminal TAB Leave the default settings as shown in the figure
              and click on RDP tab


Section D

            1. Click on RDP tab
            2. On the Computer Text Box Type -
            3. Choose Smart sizing
           4. On the Domain Check Box type - ENG
           5. on the user name check box type your personal engineering user  account
         6. Check the box
         7. On the password Text Box Type your personal engineering Password
         8. Click On Save Profile as , to save your settings and click on him on your next use
        9. Click Log in

Section D



       Click on Accept and Save (the window above will only appear on the first login)


Section E





On the password Text Box Type your personal engineering Password


Section F




On the Verication code Text Box Type your Google Athenticator Code
*In your next logins, click on the profile icon you created in section 8




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