Group Members


Principal Investigator
Orit ShefiOrit Shefi, Ph.D.
Lab manager

Hadas Schori, Ph.D.
Ph.D. Students
Koby Baranes
Koby Baranes
Netanel Ofer
Netanel Ofer
Sharon Cohen
Sharon Cohen

Dror Hibsh (in collaboration with Sol Efroni)
By using bioinformatics tools and computer programing, I look for gene correlation between the medicinal leech's undiscovered genes to known genes in different organisms, in order to uncover gene functionality in the medical leech

Merav Passig - Antman

Michal Bouhnik-Marcus
Neta Zilony
Neta Zilony
Elina Haimov
Elina Haimov
M.Sc. Students

Nir Weissberg
(in collaboration with Sol Efroni)

Moshe Karni

Shmulik Schwartz
Research Scientist

Pazit Polak, Ph.D.
Former Students
Noa Geva
Noa Geva, Ph.D.

Ryan Natan
A visiting graduate student currently at the University of Pennsylvania

Racheli Levitas

Ben Shalom
Yaron Hakuk

Ravid Tikotzki
(in collaboration with Tamar Juven-Gershon)

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