Dr. Hillel Kugler

I am a faculty member at  Bar-Ilan University since 2015. Before joining the faculty of Engineering  at Bar-Ilan I was a researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. Previously I was a member of Jane Hubbard's lab at the Biology Department and a member of the the Analysis of Computer Systems Group , Department of Computer SciHillelence, Courant Institute New York University. I did my Ph.D at the Weizmann Institute under the supervision of  David Harel and Amir Pnueli.

For Students and Postdocs: I am currently looking for talented and highly motivated students and postdocs for several new projects, if you are interested please email me with a CV to hillelk at biu.ac.il

Available positions : Designing new biological computing devices

Bio4Comp Project - Parallel Network-Based Biological Computation