Group members

Dr. Hamootal Duadi

Lab Manager

Dr. Ruchira Chakraborty

Nanoparticle uptake by cells for atherosclerosis diagnosis

inbar.yarivInbar Yariv

Ph.D.: Developing an optical technique for material detection in physiological substances


eranEran Barnoy

Ph.D: Personalizable theranostics making use of fluorescence characterizations upon coupling to gold nanoparticles

idit daganIdit Feder

Ph.D: Time and frequency multiplexing as a new optical technique for investigating tissue depths information by full scattering profile


gilad.yahav2 Gilad Yahav

Ph.D: Improving SNR ratio for FLIM system using frequency domain method


Marianna Beiderman

Ph.D.: Development of a Miniaturized Bio-Barcode Sensor Array for Detection of Biological Events Towards Personalized medicine



Pavitra SR



aaAriel Ashkenazy

MSc: Characterization of Structures of Nanoparticles and Fluorophores to be used for Entangled-Photon-Pair Interaction


 Shiran Sudri (D.M.D)

MSc: Diffusion reflection, a novel non-invasive nanophotonic method for early in vivo detection of oral cancer



Florin Altman

MSc: Optimal gold nanorods (GNRs) syntheses and coating for enhanced diagnosis of oral cancer

Chana Shapira

MSc: Remote sensing using phase retrieval algorithm under opaque conditions

Dr. Aviram Gur: Extracting Sub Lambda Features by Super Resolved Imaging Methods using Optical Microscope System

Dr. Lior Turgeman: Improving FLIM data and acquisition methods for biological specimens

Dr. Said Abu-Ghosh: Photonics and nano-biotechnology: Increasing microalgae production

Dr. Rinat Ankri: Non Invasive Optical Technique for the Investigation of Tissue Structure and Physiology

Dr. Manoop Chenchiliyan: Application of metal enhanced fluorescence in biophysical studies of tissues

Ms.C.: Yair Frnak, A Comparison of the Halachik Principles and the Empiric Reality Regarding Absorption and Emission in Utensils; David Ben Yaakov, New method for determination of visibility of stars based on photometric measurement with comparison to human observation; Amir Perlman, The Relationship between the Act of Hearing with Regard to Halacha and the Physical Process of an Audio Signal;  David Matas, Scientific Definition of "Kol Havara"; Inbar Yariv, Optical characterization of organic nanoparticles in live tissue using iterative method; Idit Dagan, Experimentally extracting optical tissue properties from full scattering profile; Gilad Yahav, Characterization of Pathological States in the Cellular Level by Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy; Tsviya Nayhoz, Development of multi-modal imaging by combining Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) and Diffusion Reflection (DR) methods; Chen Tzur, Machine learning design for metal enhanced fluorescent nanostructures.