Group members

Dr. Hamootal Duadi

Lab Manager


Dr. Rinat Ankri

Non Invasive Optical Technique for the Investigation of Tissue Structure and Physiology


Dr. Ruchira Chakraborty

Nanoparticle uptake by cells for atherosclerosis diagnosis

Dr. Manoop Chenchiliyan

Application of metal enhanced fluorescence in biophysical studies of tissues


inbar.yarivInbar Yariv

Ph.D.: Developing an optical technique for material detection in physiological substances


eranEran Barnoy

Ph.D: Personalizable theranostics making use of fluorescence characterizations upon coupling to gold nanoparticles

idit daganIdit Feder

Ph.D: Time and frequency multiplexing as a new optical technique for investigating tissue depths information by full scattering profile


gilad.yahav2 Gilad Yahav

Ph.D: Improving SNR ratio for FLIM system using frequency domain method


Marianna Beiderman

Ph.D.: Development of a Miniaturized Bio-Barcode Sensor Array for Detection of Biological Events Towards Personalized medicine



Pavitra SR



aaAriel Ashkenazy

MSc: Characterization of Structures of Nanoparticles and Fluorophores to be used for Entangled-Photon-Pair Interaction


 Shiran Sudri (D.M.D)

MSc: Diffusion reflection, a novel non-invasive nanophotonic method for early in vivo detection of oral cancer



Florin Altman

MSc: Optimal gold nanorods (GNRs) syntheses and coating for enhanced diagnosis of oral cancer

Dr. Aviram Gur: Extracting Sub Lambda Features by Super Resolved Imaging Methods using Optical Microscope System

Dr. Lior Turgeman: Improving FLIM data and acquisition methods for biological specimens

Dr. Said Abu-Ghosh: Photonics and nano-biotechnology: Increasing microalgae production

Ms.C.: Yair Frnak, A Comparison of the Halachik Principles and the Empiric Reality Regarding Absorption and Emission in Utensils; David Ben Yaakov, New method for determination of visibility of stars based on photometric measurement with comparison to human observation; Amir Perlman, The Relationship between the Act of Hearing with Regard to Halacha and the Physical Process of an Audio Signal;  David Matas, Scientific Definition of "Kol Havara"; Inbar Yariv, Optical characterization of organic nanoparticles in live tissue using iterative method; Idit Dagan, Experimentally extracting optical tissue properties from full scattering profile; Gilad Yahav, Characterization of Pathological States in the Cellular Level by Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy; Tsviya Nayhoz, Development of multi-modal imaging by combining Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) and Diffusion Reflection (DR) methods; Chen Tzur, Machine learning design for metal enhanced fluorescent nanostructures.