Doctor Izack Cohen Process Mining Resource Allocation Project Management


I am Izack Cohen, a Doctor of Industrial Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
My research is focused on understanding complex systems that involve processes, technology and humans. 
I am excited about my research projects:

  • Complex Activity Recognition and Process Mining. My main focus is on discovering activities and processes from a variety of data sources via artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.
    Take for example a video feed as an input. The desired output is to recognize the activities that are recorded in the video, their start and completion times and who performed them.
    The output is mined via process mining to discover and predict processes that are composed of these activities.
    There are multiple application domains such as the treatment of patients within a hospital, processing of multiple projects within an organization or the flow of customers and dishes within a restaurant, just to name a few.
  • Robust Resource Allocation and Scheduling. Application domains are:  Industry 4.0 , project management, healthcare etc.
  • What leads a startup to succeed (or not)? What is the impact of incubators and accelerators on startups' performances? We are currently forming, for this international research, a unique database that stores data collected from startups, incubators and accelerators.

If you, whether a student or an industry partner, share my interests and want more information—no problem, just Contact me.

Here is my professional profile:

  • I was educated in three different Technionic faculties: my BSc is in Chemical Engineering, my MSc is in Materials Engineering and my PhD is from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management.
  • Before joining Bar-Ilan , I held senior logistics and engineering management roles in the Israeli Defense Forces and served as a faculty member in the Industrial Engineering and Management Faculty at the Technion .
  • I founded compair (a mixture of compare & pair), a not-for-profit Israeli initiative that pairs between elderly people and assisted living / home care organizations (acquired).
  • Throughout the years I consulted to various organizations and promoted various (academic and community-oriented) initiatives.
  • I currently serve on the editorial board of the IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (Impact Factor: 2.8).
  • Need more info ? Sure, just Contact  me.